NORPAC Statement on Anti-Semitic Remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar

NORPAC released the following statement regarding Rep. iIlhan Omar’s recent tweets, which invoked classic anti-Semitic canards.

These are the most recent in a long history of anti-Semitic statements by Representative Omar.  Her “apology,” moreover, was even more offensive: she professed to “unequivocally” condemn anti-Semitism but in the same breath implied that any criticism of her statements was not based on what she said, but rather on who she is, and she compared AIPAC to the fossil fuel industry and the NRA so as to link support for a strong US-Israel relationship to classic left wing bogeymen.  And, despite the apology, she continues to retweet statements by others containing the same anti-Semitic tropes that she now professes to understand and regret.

The issue here is not just that Representative Omar has repeatedly made anti-Semitic statements.  It is that her statements, and continued actions, reveal a deep underlying hostility to Jews and the Jewish State.  She has said she “almost chuckle[s]” when she hears Israel described as a democracy, called the country “evil,” and, when describing the response of the world to Israel’s defense of its citizenry from Hamas terrorist attacks during the 2012 Gaza War, she said that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”

It is no accident, therefore, that she repeatedly associates with fringe individuals and organizations who share her views.  They include television host Ahmed Tarwat, to whom she gave multiple interviews (he has called Israel Defense Forces soldiers the “Jewish Taliban” and said that “Zionism is terrorism”), and Islamic Relief  USA (IRUSA), an affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide which has strong links to terror organizations such as Hamas and at whose “Yemen Emergency Dinner” she is supposed to speak this month.  At that dinner, according to the publicity for the event issued before her most recent tweets, she was supposed to share the podium with IRUSA East Zone Manager Yousef Abdallah, who, on his social media accounts repeatedly praised and promoted violent acts of anti-Semitism, describing, for example, a story lauding a terrorist who “kill[ed] more than 20 Jews” (note that he did not say “Israelis,” he said “Jews,”) as “beautiful.”

Her “apology” is thus simply insufficient.  In light of this, we urge all Congressional Members to ask the House Foreign Affairs Committee to censure Representative Omar for her hateful statements, and to ask Speaker Pelosi to remove Representative Omar from that committee as the Representative’s actions make clear that she is unfit to participate in forming our country’s foreign policy.

Please understand that this is not about the right to criticize Israel or any other country.  It is about the need to address a member of Congress’ repeated and public expressions of anti-Semitism, and the need to ensure that such bigotry is not represented in critical Congressional Committees.

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