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Mission to Washington

NORPAC’s Annual

Mission to Washington 2021

Virtual Event: May 3 – 6

Please email [email protected] for registration inquiries

What it is:

NORPAC’s Mission to Washington is an annual event where we bring close to a thousand citizen activists to Washington, DC, in order to advocate for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship with Members of Congress.

This year, due to the COVID pandemic, we are moving the Mission to Washington to a digital format using Zoom and other related Web Meet Platforms.

Individuals will be assigned to groups of 4 to 6 people and meet online with Members of Congress and their staff to discuss this year’s talking points regarding pressing legislation on U.S.-Israeli concerns. The meetings will take place over the course of 4 days.

What we advocate for:

Each year NORPAC selects different issues to present to Members of Congress related to legislation in the U.S. House and Senate. Previously we have advocated for stronger Iran sanctions, continued foreign aid, increasing military and strategic cooperation between the U.S. and Israel, and additional funding for the Iron Dome anti-missile defensive system. A talking points handout is supplied to all Mission attendees well before the event in order to bring them up to speed on the latest, most pressing issues and legislation.


Who comes on the Mission:

People of different age groups and backgrounds come on the Mission to Washington. Many students, professionals, members of the clergy, and retirees join us each year. NORPAC welcomes students from Eighth Grade and up, accompanied by a legal guardian if under 18. We are not lobbyists! We often have people attend the Mission who have never advocated for Israel to a government official before. It is a unique experience for people of all ages, and is educational and inspirational for everyone involved.

Why wait? Join us on this year’s Mission to Washington and help us make a difference!

After you’ve registered, here are some important links to help you prepare:

(Please note that these links may be updated periodically, so please check back in soon!)

Library of Congress – Bill Summaries & Status

The David Project – Information on U.S.-Israel Relations


Latest Talking Points

Coming in 2021.


Questions about the NORPAC Mission

Q: Where do we meet for the NORPAC Mission?

A:  Traditionally we meet in Washington, DC at the Convention Center for a single day. This year, due to COVID restrictions, we are all “meeting” virtually via Zoom and other web platforms. Your schedule and fellow group members information, as well as your Group Leader information, will be emailed to you in advance of the Mission.

Q: Why has Registration changed to Membership?

A:  This year we are asking people not just to register for the Mission to Washington, but to be part of NORPAC as an organization. In previous years, participation in our Mission and our events proved prohibitive due to the various locations people had to travel to, and of course the long trip to and from DC. This year, when all of our events are virtual, including the Mission, we are asking people to join us in a greater capacity in our endeavors to support US-Israel relations with Members of Congress. We are aiming to take advantage of the virtual space to offer more to our participants.

Although there are no buses or meals on the Mission this year, NORPAC has spent much of our funds researching and developing ways to coordinate so many virtual meetings for so many people. It’s a new undertaking and a tremendous cost to the organization for the technology alone.

The new Membership fee takes into account both of these aspects. Of course, we still want as many people to participate as possible and we know that COVID has made things difficult. Anyone who cannot pay the full amount to become a member due to these circumstances can reach out to us and we are happy to work with them.

A single membership includes your entire family for the same flat rate, regardless of family size.

Q: How long is the Mission?

A:  The Virtual Mission to Washington will span 4 days, between May 3 – 6. You will be assigned to several meetings throughout those days with Members of Congress and/or their offices.

Q: Am I required to be available all day each of the 4 days?

A:  The short answer is, “no”. Each meeting lasts no more than 30 minutes and we will attempt to schedule them over the course of a day or two. However, schedules change on the fly in DC and we ask that attendees try to be a little flexible.

Q: How many meetings will I have?

A: In a regular year we assign anywhere from 3 to 5 meetings per group. This year you may be assigned to a couple more meetings due to the nature of the virtual event.

Q: How long are the meetings?

A:  Meetings generally last anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Q: If I am only available on certain days, how do I transmit that information?

A:  NORPAC will send out a poll a few weeks before the Mission asking people for their day/time availability.

Q: What if I cannot make it to all of my meetings?

A:  We understand if you cannot make it to some of your meetings. We are trying to accommodate peoples’ schedules as best we can. If you have to miss some meetings, you can contact us before the Mission and we can re-assign you to other groups’ meetings that fit your schedule.

Q: Is there an age requirement to attend the Mission?

A:  Yes.  You must be in eighth grade and up to attend.  Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Will I be the only student on the Mission?

A:  Not a chance!  Last Mission, over 200 students of all ages joined us.

Q: If I cannot attend, can I donate my registration to someone else?

A:  If you find you are unable to attend and would like to encourage someone else to attend in your place, please contact [email protected] with your name and number and the full name, address, cell phone, and email of the person you would like to attend in your place. If the cost of your registration was less than the new registrant’s fee would be, the new attendee must make up the difference in price (unless you donate the difference for them).  Please contact NORPAC as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend, even if you are not donating your registration fee to someone else.

Q: How can I request a refund?

A:  Due to financial commitments, refund requests must be received in writing at [email protected] by one month before Mission day and will be processed as soon as possible.  We reserve the right to wait until after the Mission before issuing a refund.

Q: Can I choose which issues to discuss?

A:  NORPAC is a group of diverse, politically-involved individuals who are concerned about the safety and security of America and Israel in an age of international terrorism, energy crises, and missile and nuclear proliferation threats.

Each year, NORPAC’s Mission Committee spends a great deal of time vetting the items on the Mission agenda.  It is expected that Mission participants stick only to these issues and convey NORPAC’s position. Bickering about how best to support Israel while in a Congressional office, or bringing up issues of your own agenda outside of those chosen for the NORPAC Mission, are strictly forbidden.  We have only minutes to make a strong and consistent presentation across hundreds of Congressional offices.

That said, since there will be several interesting and important consensus issues to discuss, you and your Mission group will have flexibility in choosing who will present each issue to the Members of Congress and their staff.

Q: What should I wear during the Zoom meetings?

A: We recommend business casual. Please also make sure there is not too much “noise” behind you to distract other participants in the meeting.

Q: Can I choose my group and choices for Congressional offices?

A:  If you give us your preferences of group members in advance we will try to accommodate but we CANNOT promise we will be able to satisfy all requests.  We must coordinate hundreds of participants, be flexible to meet the needs of Members of Congress, make changes based on cancellations as well as new participants, take into account group dynamics, schedule limitations, etc.

We appreciate your flexibility for this exciting day.

Q: How should I prepare for my meetings with Congressional offices?

A:  NORPAC will provide training, and information on the website and by email.

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