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Great Videos Standing up For Israel

July August 2014
by Yotav Eliach

IDF Produces evidence how Hamas calls on its population to hide weapons among the civilians:
Hamas Manual Calls For Hiding Bombs In Civilian Homes

A link to a collection of over 50 IDF Spokesman Desk youtube videos giving you a real insiders view of the IDF war against Hamas Terrorists:


A high ranking Fatah Official says there are no innocent Israelis, hence they are all targets! August 22 2014


Israel’s UN Ambassador Addressing the U.N. on August 21 2014 warning them that Global Jihad is there problem not just Israelis.


Bibi Netanyahu: ISIS is HAMAS, HAMAS is ISIS August 20 2014


Egyptian American Write Magdil Khalil on Al Jazeera August 19 2014, tells Hamas representative that they garner sympathy on the corpses of dead Palestinian Children


Israeli Reporter speaks to Hamas supporters in Hevron August 17 2014. If this does not explain what Hamas and their supporters believe, nothing will!


Undercover Canadian Reporter Interviews Palestinians in Ramallah about the Holocaust and Anti Semitism in August of 2014


Palestinian Authority the “Moderate” voice of the Palestinians runs a clip on their TV Station comparing the Israeli attacks on Hamas sites in Gaza to 9  11


U.S. Kurds Demonstrate in front of White House August 17 2014 to show solidarity with Israel!


Israeli Channel 2 Interview with Anti Semitic, Anti Israel new UN appointed chairman of the “Fact Finding” Commission on the Israel Hamas War.  William Schabas on August 19 2014.


Hamas Spokesperson talks about how they tried to manipulate journalists into telling their version of the war:


What’s been happening in the world while Hamas has been claiming its “Human Rights” have been violated. Compiled by Michael Kohen:


Hanan Ashrawi Palestinian Authority Leader and Negotiator once again in Arabic denies any Jewish Historical Connection to Israel August 10 2014


Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer collection of videos by Michael Kohen:


A Maori New Zealand Women Speaks out for Israel


S.E. Cupp Makes the point that the Media misses the main point about Hamas: They are a rabidly Nazi Like Anti-Semitic Terrorist Organization that preaches Genocide!


Sean Hannity Takes on Hamas Apologists and takes her apart, as opposed to CNN:


Christian Archbishop in Gaza Talks About how Hamas used his Church to launch Rockets:


Yishai Fleischer on Al Jazeera facing off against Fatah Spokesman


Hamas by the Numbers


Breitbart Report on the cynical use of photos of dead civilians of Gaza


Hamas prepares and fires a rocket from the middle of a residential neighborhood in Gaza August 4 2014 caught on Indian TV.


An Arab-produced video shows aerial views of the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza. The neighborhood was reduced to rubble in the fighting between Hamas and the IDF. Thirteen IDF soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed in Shejaiya on July 19-20 . This is where Hamas had its strong hold and it is from here that many rockets were fired at Israel from.


Bridgette Gabriel on Fox News July 30 2014


A fantastic compilation by a Write On For Israel graduate from 2004: Michael Kohen that explains who Hamas is and how they are responsible for the present mess that Gaza is in:


Who is responsible for the current war in Gaza? HAMAS!


Israel’s UN Ambassador Defends Israel against the madness of the UN and the Media:


UN Watch Hillel Neuer Speech to the UN Human Rights Commission July 23 2014


UN Watch Hillel Neuer Debating two pro Palestinians and a Pro Palestinian Moderator on BBC and beating them! July 24 2014


Col Kemp in Israel July 24 2014 Defending the IDF,7340,L-4548821,00.html


Ron Dermer Israels Ambassador to US on CNN Putting the reporter in her place


French Cartoon that tells the story of Israel vs Hamas brilliantly


Pat Condell Englishman who is a remarkable supporter of Israel:


An Amazing 18 Year old takes on two adults at an Atlanta Rally July 25 2014


A Young Israeli Speaks about the War in Gaza


Funeral of a Hamas Terrorist: They forgot to take his suicide vest off before the burial!


Spontaneous pro Israel Rally responding to Anti Israel Rally in Diamond District  July 31 2014


Jerusalem University 40 minute Webinar Answering Questions about Operation Protective Edge:


Would a Hamas “Militant” read Terrorist ever act this way to a Jewish Child?
Watch as Israeli Border Patrol Soldiers Get a hug from a Palestinian Child after they give him some food.


Israeli Milluim saying thank you to all the people that helped make their 32 day service bearable! Fun video!


A brief look at the U.N.’s anti -Israel obsession

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