NORPAC is a bi-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) whose primary purpose is to support candidates and sitting members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the strength, security, and survival of Israel.


What is NORPAC? Founded in 1994, NORPAC specializes in one thing: Hosting fundraising events for pro-Israel Congressmen and Senators in our supporters’ homes, offices, and even on Zoom, and rallying our communities to financially support them. Since our founding we have hosted thousands of events for pro-Israel members of Congress. NORPAC is volunteer-founded and led, which means that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to the pro-Israel candidates we support, rather than our overhead. Funding is often of critical importance to the ultimate success of a candidate’s campaign. Perhaps of equal or even greater importance however, is the moral support as well as the personal relationships that NORPAC and its members provide. Examples of this kind of support include: educating candidates on important issues, connecting like-minded Members of Congress on a particular project, and simply ensuring that a public position taken is appreciated within our community.


NORPAC events end, but their influence endures:

1) Our financial support helps pro-Israel candidates get into office, stay in office, and raise their profiles and influence once in office. 2) Our events are an opportunity for candidates to engage directly with pro-Israel advocates, and experience our gratitude and passion firsthand; particularly valuable for members without large pro-Israel communities in their home districts, as well as those facing competing pressure from anti-Israel constituencies. 3) Our events foster lasting relationships between members of Congress and the NORPAC community. In many cases NORPAC supporters have become trusted partners and sounding boards to these members of Congress as they’ve evaluated and tackled issues relevant to the America-Israel relationship.

Grassroots. Bipartisan. Committed to promoting a strong and resilient US-Israel relationship.

Want to Join the Fight? Host a NORPAC event!

Hosts are a key ingredient of NORPAC’s success – and we’re always looking for more.

Hosting a Senator or Congressman is a critical, effective, high-return opportunity for the pro-Israel community to advance support for Israel on Capitol Hill.