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Action Alert: Call Members of Congress about Iran Deal

Action Item
Please call your Representative and Senators, as well as any Members of Congress you may have hosted or met on the NORPAC Mission, and let them know that the deal struck on Tuesday poses a grave threat to our national security and interests. Contact information for Members of Congress is listed below.

Sample phone text:
I am calling to urge [Senator/Representative] [Last Name] to stand up and prevent the United States from making a catastrophic and dangerous mistake in implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. This agreement will serve to enrich Tehran while enabling them to acquire and develop nuclear weapons with international support.

When Congress reviews the Iran agreement, I implore you to oppose it. The safety of our country, and the world, is in your hands! Please show leadership by standing up and demanding a better deal that ensures the safety of America.

You can find contact details for your local Representative here.
You can find a directory of all House Members here.

Further Details
As stated by Congress in previous public resolutions and statements, there are certain core principles which should be the basis for a final deal with Iran, including anytime, anywhere inspections, phased lifting of sanctions, and dismantling of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. These elements, which NORPAC members brought as a scorecard to the majority of Members of Congress in May, are largely skirted by in this agreement.


On Tuesday we learned the details of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached with Iran over its nuclear program. We have taken the past few days to analyze the agreement and consult with professionals on the details of the text. Our conclusion is that the deal struck between the P5+1 and Iran on July 14th is one which will not deter Tehran’s ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons, and will ultimately be harmful to America’s national security and to stability in the Middle East.

This agreement trades a 3 month nuclear weapon breakout for a presumed 12 month breakout in the first several years and near zero breakout afterwards. It provides a $150 billion infusion to America’s most implacable enemy and removes a sanctions regime that took 20 years to implement.
Iran is the most active State Sponsor of Terrorism, and if allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, it will completely destabilize the Middle East and pose a near-existential threat to the United States. This deal will give Iran the political cover, economic stability, and international leeway to develop nuclear weapons without the necessary checks to prevent it. Some of the drastic flaws of the deal include:
  • Lack of true “anywhere, anytime” inspections. International inspectors could have to wait for 24 days to get access to suspect nuclear sites in Iran.
  • The lifting of international arms embargoes in 5-8 years, allowing Iran to eventually buy and sell conventional weapons on the open market.
  • Most crippling sanctions are released immediately on implementation day, rather than being “phased off” based on Iranian compliance. Over $100 billion in frozen bank assets will be made available to Iran on day one, making a “snapback” of sanctions highly ineffective.
  • The bulk of the nuclear WMD infrastructure is left intact and allows further research and development on WMD and delivery systems.
  • Lack of clarity on whether Iran has to answer for its work on prior weaponization efforts before the release of sanctions.

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