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Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Thurs 9/14 6:30 pm

Yocheved & Donald Liss welcome back Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ9) to an event at their home in Riverdale, NY on September 14th.

Kyrsten represents Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District, having joined in 2013 after serving in the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives, and currently sits on the House Committee on Financial Services.

Congresswoman Sinema was one of just 25 members of her party to vote against the 2015 Iran Deal (“JCPOA”) in the House of Representatives. Her name appears as a sponsor of virtually every bipartisan piece of legislation in support of the US-Israel relationship.

She visited Israel in 2009, which she described as an “eye-opening experience.” She strongly believes in Israel’s right to self-defense, and the need for the U.S. to support bilateral negotiations. She is wary of a Palestinian unity government with Hamas, and has called for penalties on any such entity.

Even before serving as a Member of Congress, Kyrsten supported HB 2151 in the Arizona State House. The bill divests state pension funds from companies that have holdings or business interests in Iran.

If you are interested in supporting this event, please contact Avi Schranz at

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