NORPAC Statement on the Situation in Israel

Dear Friends,

We were devastated by the news this weekend of the horrendous attack carried out by Hamas terrorists that led to the deaths of over 700 Israelis and wounded thousands, including American citizens. We stand with Israel and pray for the safe rescue and return of the many hostages still at the hands of Hamas.

NORPAC will continue our work to advocate our leadership in Congress to continue its crucial support of Israel during this ongoing conflict. Our legislators have the power to approve emergency security aid, weapons reinforcements, public support and, if needed, military action.

We are following the situation closely and we will work with Members in the House and Senate to ensure Israel’s success and security. We urge those of you who have hosted or met members of our national leadership to advocate now for America’s unwavering support of Israel, and to assist the Jewish state in its efforts to end Hamas terror and return captive Israelis and Americans.

May we all come together during this time to show our support and love for those in dire need in Israel, and pray for the success of America’s great ally.

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