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NORPAC Teaneck: Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) Sun 4/22 5:00 PM

NORPAC Proudly Sponsors: 

Congressman Steny Hoyer
Hosted by:
Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum
Teaneck, NJ 

Sunday, April 22nd
5:00 PM

RSVP Required
For additional information or to RSVP,
or call (201) 788-5133
Event Chairs
Nathan & Shari Lindenbaum
Phil & Rochelle Goldschmiedt
Ben & Esther Chouake
Bob & Sarah Goodman
Leonard & Chana Grunstein
Tim & Ria Levart
Ezra & Miriam Lightman
Allen & Miriam Pfeiffer 


Event Co-Chairs
(In Formation)
Jon & Leah Adler
Nachum & Sara Barishansky
Yale & Ann Baron
Laurie Baumel & Manny Litchman
Eddie & Cheryl Dauber
Steve & Caron Dennis
Harold & Suzette Diamond
Reuven & Sarah Falik
Rella Feldman & Curtiss Pulitzer
Ricky & Lisa Finkel
Mort & Esther Fridman
Allen & Rachel Friedman
Ira & Roz Friedman
Mike & Tovit Granoff
Moshe & Tammy Greenberg
Michael & Rhonda Gribetz
Martin & Jeanette Heistein
Yisroel & Shira Hochberg
Ken & Janet Hoffman
Davidi & Natalie Jonas
Richard & Rhonda Kahn
Michael & Elissa Katz
Ben and Batya Klein
Joe & Meryl Mark
Adam & Francine Mermelstein
Hal & Alicia Messer
Toni & Reuben Nayowitz
Ira & Deborah Palgon
Elliot & Nomi Press
Barry & Lisa Price
Michael & Deborah Rapoport
Binyamin & Gail Rieder
Mordy & Eva Rothberg
Jeffrey & Rona Rubin
David & Rena Schlussel
Marc & Ronnie Schlussel
Manny & Rena Schnaidman
Cyrus & Sarra Schwartz
Jane Shiff
Jerry & Erica Silverman
Arthur Sinensky & Debbie Oremland
Jordan & Etty Stavsky
Daniel & Sara Walzman
Steve & Yael Weil


About Steny Hoyer

Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum welcome back Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) to an event at their home in Teaneck on April 22nd.

Rep. Hoyer, the Democratic Whip in the House of Representatives, is a great friend of Israel whose legendary trips there have educated hundreds of House members about the importance of the US-Israel relationship.

As House Democratic Whip for the 115th Congress, Congressman Hoyer is the second-ranking member of the House Democratic Leadership. He is charged with mobilizing the party vote on important legislation, acting as a liaison between Members and the Democratic Leadership, and coordinating strategy within the Caucus. He also plays a key role in shaping House Democrats’ legislative priorities and in delivering the Democratic message.

On Iran and Syria, Rep. Hoyer stated this year that “Iran has used the conflict in Syria to establish a forward base of terror against Israel and support those who are committed to destroying the Jewish State – a goal Iran’s leaders have stated clearly and repeatedly. Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel as that country legitimately defends itself against threats from Iran or anyone else. It is a reminder of why a political solution to the civil conflict in Syria must not allow for any Iranian presence there from which it can terrorize Israel’s civilian population.”

On the President’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Hoyer said: “Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel, something that the United States Congress has reaffirmed and a fact of history that cannot be denied.  Our country must play a constructive role in supporting Israel as it seeks the peace and security its people deserve by continuing to promote a two-state solution through direct, bilateral negotiations that will end any question of Jerusalem’s status.”

Please join us in support of Congressman Steny Hoyer and share your concerns about the US-Israel relationship with him at this pro-Israel event.

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