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NORPAC Teaneck: Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) 12/12

NORPAC welcomes back Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) to a Teaneck event hosted by Drs. Manuel Litchman & Laurie Baumel.

During and after having served as the Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee from 2011-2012, Steve made several trips to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the US-Israel partnership and ways to develop more jointly cooperative programs in the military and technology spheres, respectively.

Steve recently co-signed a bipartisan letter to Ambassador Samantha Powers, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and U.S. Ambassador Crystal Nix-Hines, U.S. Permanent Representative to UNESCO, urging them to use the full voice, vote, and influence of the United States to defeat a measure that attempted to erase the Jewish connection to holy sites in Israel.


Contact Avi Schranz at for more information.

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