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NORPAC’s 2012 Mission to Washington In The News (Updated 5/29/12)

NORPAC’s Mission to Washington has been having a tremendous impact both in Congress and abroad; here are some articles pertaining to the event:

An Inspiring Day of Advocacy (Jewish Press) – by Yehuda Raskin

NORPAC Mission to D.C. (Jewish Standard) – by Abigail Klein Leichman

NORPAC’s Mission to Washington: US Aid to Israel, including Sanctions against Iran, Is Morally Right and Mutually Beneficial (Jewish Voice and Opinion) – by Susan L. Rosenbluth

Five Towns Jewish Times: Power to the People with NORPAC

Long Branch’s Congregation Brothers of Israel Thanks Avram Tuvy on his Leadership During the Mission

Rep. Jeff Flake Tweets About Speaking at the Mission Plenary Session

More to come!

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