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Mission to Washington 2023

We are pleased to announce the NORPAC Mission to Washington 2023 will be held on Wednesday, May 10th!

Find more information and register here:

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NORPAC November 2022 Newsletter

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NORPAC Statement on President Trump’s Iran Deal Announcement

May 11, 2018

Earlier this week, President Trump announced that the United States is withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, a/k/a the “Iran Deal”).

Norpac strongly opposed the JCPOA at the time it was reached in 2015 because, among other things, (a) it did not, as its supporters asserted, cut off all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon, (b) it did not address Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism, (c) many of the constraints the agreement imposed on Iran’s nuclear program will sunset in eight years, (d) it failed to include any ability to respond to low level breaches by Iran of the deal (of which there have been many), (e) it lacked inspections at military sites, (f) it allowed Iran to continue its research into more advanced centrifuges and (g) it failed to prohibit development of ballistic missiles, whose primary purpose is to deliver nuclear bombs.

We applaud President Trump for seeking to address these issues and reach a multilateral agreement to fix these and other problems with the JCPOA. We also applaud his pointing out the obvious: that the JCPOA has seemed to encourage Iran’s support of terrorists and murderous regimes, rather than causing it to moderate its behavior.

In the post-JCPOA world, we hope that the President restarts negotiations with our allies soon with the aim of both reaching a multilateral agreement that addresses both the nuclear issue and Iran’s malign regional aggression.

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NORPAC Mission 2014 – SUCCESS!

Dear NORPAC Members, 

We did it! Our Mission to Washington 2014 was a tremendous success, and we are proud to have signed up over 1,000 participants this year to meet in the offices of a record 97% of the U.S. Senate and most of the House of Representatives to advocate for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship.
At this year’s plenary session we were honored by the presence of such important figures to this relationship as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez, Senator Ben Cardin, Senator Ted Cruz, House Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Eliot Engel, and New Jersey State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. 

What happened during the Mission?

You advocated for key legislation and Congressional action, including:

We are among the first pro-Israel advocates to organize a mission promoting the new House Bill H.R. 4411 – the Hezbollah International Financial Prevention Act. This bill curtails Hezbollah’s funding by sanctioning foreign banks which do business with the the organization. It also seeks to stem their international influence by hitting satellite providers who air al-Manar – Hezbollah’s television station which promotes terrorism world-wide.

What’s next?
Now that you’ve been on the Mission and met with Members of Congress and their staff, don’t forget to follow up! One of the most important aspects of the Mission is the ability to build a relationship with the respective Congressional offices which you visited. Your correspondence with these offices is key to keeping the issues of importance fresh in the minds of our nation’s leaders in Washington, D.C. Please thank them for their time meeting with you on Mission day, and remind them how important the U.S.-Israel relationship really is.

Thank you to everyone who attended, thank you to our Mission committee and staff, and thanks to all of our members who support our organization and our mission to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship!


Laurie Baumel  * Richard Schlussel * David Steinberg


Jeff Schreiber                                                Allen Friedman
Bergen: Alan Berger, Michael Blumenthal, Reuven Escott, Mollie Fisch, Mort Fridman, Rabbi M Genack, Jerry & Anne Gontownik, Robert & Irene Gottesman, Miriam Hermann, Arthur Kook, Leon Kozak, Saul Levine, Drew Parker, Zvi Plotzker, David Schlussel
Manhattan: Susan Canter, Dan Feder, Charles Gross
Edison/Highland Park
: Andrew Freedman, Marc Hanfling
West Orange: Barbara Bortniker, Bernard & Eliane Levy, Roz Feder Lipsky, Susie Mendelsohn
Bronx: David Frankel, Stanley & Ethel Scher
New Rochelle: Marc Berger
Monsey/Rockland: Richard Kroll, Richard Weinberg
Five Towns/Long Island
: Margie Glatt, Robert Margulies, Jason Muss, Avram Schrieber, Stanley & Trudy Stern 

Ben Chouake 

Avi Schranz – Executive Director
Mindy Berman – Director of Development
Sandi DubeScheduler

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NORPAC November 2013 Newsletter

Click here to see our November  2013 Newsletter!

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NORPAC October 2013 Newsletter

Click here to see our October 2013 Newsletter!

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Levaya for Pepe Chouake and Shiva Information

Dear NORPAC members,


The Levaya for Pepe Chouake, mother of NORPAC president Dr. Ben Chouake, will be held Thursday, August 16 at Noon at the Riverside-Nassau North Chapel in Great Neck, Long Island. 

Riverside-Nassau North Chapel
55 North Station Plaza
Great Neck, NY

Shiva will be held at Dr. Chouake’s home following the funeral services at 245 Hutchinson Rd, Englewood, NJ. Shiva will be observed through Wednesday morning, August 22.

Please note the following Minyan times:

Shacharit on Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 6:30am / Sunday at 8:00am / Monday at 6:15am.

Mincha/Marriv on Thursday at 7:35pm and Sunday through Tuesday at 7:25pm.

HaMakom yenachem et’chem b’toch shar avay’lay Tzion vee’Yerushalayim.

May the Omnipresent comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Please contact or call (201) 788-5133 for more information.


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NORPAC’s 2012 Mission to Washington In The News (Updated 5/29/12)

NORPAC’s Mission to Washington has been having a tremendous impact both in Congress and abroad; here are some articles pertaining to the event:

An Inspiring Day of Advocacy (Jewish Press) – by Yehuda Raskin

NORPAC Mission to D.C. (Jewish Standard) – by Abigail Klein Leichman

NORPAC’s Mission to Washington: US Aid to Israel, including Sanctions against Iran, Is Morally Right and Mutually Beneficial (Jewish Voice and Opinion) – by Susan L. Rosenbluth

Five Towns Jewish Times: Power to the People with NORPAC

Long Branch’s Congregation Brothers of Israel Thanks Avram Tuvy on his Leadership During the Mission

Rep. Jeff Flake Tweets About Speaking at the Mission Plenary Session

More to come!
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Mission to Washington 2012 Photographs Now Online

We have uploaded several photographs from the NORPAC Mission to Washington 2012 that can be viewed here. Credits go to Josh Justic and Charlie Gross.

If you have any pictures from the event that you would like us to add to our online album, please contact Avi at

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NORPAC Mission 2012 Bus Schedule

Dear NORPAC Mission Registrants,

Please note the departure, location, and minyan information on the Bus Schedule list below.  This list will also be made available on our website. Should you have any questions regarding your schedule, feel free to respond to this e-mail and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Location Bus # Minyan AM Load Address Notes
Teaneck 1 thru 9 5:15 5:30 600 Roemer Ave. Teaneck NJ Cong Keter Torah.
Monsey 10 5:30 4:45 Monsey 5:30 Teaneck Park & Ride (next to Pathmark) RT. 59 , Monsey 600 Roemer Ave. Teaneck, NJ
Edison 11 & 12 5:45 6:00 48 Edgemount Rd., Edison, NJ Cong Ohr Torah
HP 13 5:45 6:00 216 South First Ave, Highland Park, NJ Cong. Ahavas Achim
E. Brunswick 24 5:45 6:00 193 Dunhams Corner Road, E. Brunswick Young Israel of E.B.
West Orange 14 & 15 5:20 5:45 300 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ Cong Ohr Torah
Stern / YU 16 On Bus 5:00 Stern 5:40 YU 245 Lex. Ave & 186th @ Amsterdam
Riverdale 17 On Bus 5:30 237th and Independence Ave, Riverdale, NY Riverdale Jewish Center
NYC 18 5:45 6:00 69th and Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY Lincoln Square Synagogue
5Towns 19 & 20 On Bus 5:00 775 Branch Blvd, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 Sephardic Temple
KGH 21 On Bus 5:15 72 Ave & Park Drive East, Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Long Branch 22 ? 5:45 250 Park Avenue Long Branch, NJ 07740 Congregation Brothers of Israel
Westchester 25 ? 5:45 1149 North Ave, New Rochelle, NJ YI New Rochelle.