January 8: Congressman John James

On Monday evening, January 8, NORPAC Manhattan welcomes Congressman John James (R-MI) to an event on the Upper West Side.

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About Rep. John James (R-MI)

Rep. John James proudly represents Michigan’s highly competitive 10th congressional district. Upon being sworn into Congress, Rep. James became one of just four black Republicans in the House of Representatives. His membership on the Foreign Affairs and Education & Workforce Committees enable him to play an outsized role in Congress’s support for Israel, as well as its efforts to combat antisemitism.

A combat veteran, Rep. James has been an outspoken supporter of Israel in its war against Hamas.

Prior to serving in Congress, Rep. James, a West Point graduate, spent eight years as an Aviation Officer in Army, and did three tours of duty in Iraq. As a veteran of the Global War on Terror, Rep. John James has defended the United States from terrorist organization, which in turn, informs steadfast support for Israel in its war to Hamas.

In the aftermath of the October 7th massacre, Rep. James proclaimed, “there must be no daylight between the United State of America and our friendship with Israel.”[1] One month later, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, he traveled to Israel, meeting with PM Netanyahu, senior Israel officials, and the families of Israel hostages. Upon his return he stated, “I am as proud to stand with Israel as I was proud to stand in Israel for the first time in my life. Am Yisrael Chai!”[2] He also remains an ardent opponent of sanctions relief for Iran and has called on the Biden administration to hold Iran accountable for its support of Hamas and terrorist organizations that seek to harm America and Israel.[3]

Rep. James took university presidents to task for their failure to confront antisemitism on campus.

As a member of the Education & Workforce Committee, Rep. James minced no words when he schooled elite university presidents on the rampant antisemitism on their campuses and their failure to address it. His questioning earned national media attention, when upon asking the presidents how they intended to address antisemitism on their campuses, all three university presidents remained disturbingly silent.[4] On December, he was one of 10 members who signed a letter that criticized the Dept. of Education for its failure to tackle antisemitism, and expressed concern with the unserious manner in which ongoing Title VI antisemitism investigations were being conducted.[5]

Rep. James needs—and has earned—our support!

Rep. James was elected to the House of Representatives by a razor thin margin of 1,600 votes, making his race the 3rd closest contest of the 2022 midterm elections. Moreover, his district, located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, has a relatively small Jewish population. This event is more than just an occasion for members of the pro-Israel community to show their support for Rep. John James; it is an opportunity to ensure that his powerful voice is heard in the halls of Congress for years to come.

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