“NORPAC helps public officials in their quest to do good in the world”

-Dr. Ben Chouake, NORPAC President

NORPAC is the largest citizen advocacy political action committee working to elect and educate members of Congress on the importance of U.S.-Israel relations. With members around the country, we provide financial, organizational, educational, and moral support to friends of Israel in Congress.

 NORPAC’s Multi-faceted Approach:

  • Organizing fundraising events for friends of Israel in Congress gives our members a chance to meet the lawmakers of the most powerful country in the world.
  • Holding our annual Mission to Washington. Our April 6, 2011 Mission was our largest to date, bringing 25 buses with over 1,000 participants (including 40 rabbis and Jewish professionals, 200 students, and 300 first-timers) to meet with 475 Members of Congress, including 98% of the Senate.  Participation grew 25% from previous years.
  • Forming relationships with key policymakers, including the leaders of the House and Senate, through our Key Contact Program.
  • Providing hands-on internships and programs for high school and college students to train the next generation of community leaders.
  • Issuing Action Alerts to our seven-thousand-plus email list: mobilizing private, pro-Israel, American citizens into an influential and well respected body that can affect real change.

NORPAC In Action

  • The largest, most active bipartisan political action committee supporting the US-Israel relationship.
  • Organizes 25+ fundraisers each year for pro-Israel Members of Congress.
  • Successfully helped pass the Syria Accountability Act, Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act, Iran Freedom and Support Act, Iran Sanctions Act passed in 2009, and gain Israel’s entry into the UN’s Western European and Others (WEOG) Group.
  • Helped draft the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act.
  • Working to block funding to terrorist regimes and organizations
  • Promoting alternative energy development projects between America and Israel
  • Advocating annually for billions of dollars in aid to Israel.  This is many times more than all Jewish organizations around the world — combined — raise on their own.

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