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On this page you will be able to find resources on dealing with campus issues (EG anti-Semitic incitement, suppression of freedom of speech, etc.). If you have questions, please reach out to us at


Reporting Campus Issues
If you encounter issues on campus, you can reach out to the following individuals for assistance. You can also call our office at 201-788-5133 if you need additional help.

I. NORPAC Campus Issues Report
Facebook [COMING SOON]

If you are experiencing discrimination on campus, have identified anti-Semitic bias among student groups or Professors, or have been exposed to blatant violations of freedom of speech, please share your experiences and information with us and other college students via our social media outlet. This will give us the resources to combat specific issues on campus and serve to inform other students and professionals on areas that need to be address.


Campus Campaigns
Here are some campus campaigns that you can use to combat BDS/anti-Semitism:

I. StandWithUs
More Information: StandWithUs College Campaigns Page [Link]

StandWithUs has developed a number of educational campaigns for college students to use on campus. Our campus campaigns focus on a number of issues, including Israel advocacy, history of Israel, countering the “apartheid wall,” and educating college students about Israel’s challenges and achievements.

More Information: ZOA Campus Activism Network Page [Link]

The ZOA Campus Activism Network works with students across the country, providing educational materials about Israel, sending dynamic speakers to campuses, and inviting students to participate on national advocacy programs and campaigns. The ZOA publishes a student-written and produced magazine, The College Zionist, and distributes 15,000 copies on campuses. In addition, the Campus Activism Network organizes student missions to Israel which include campus advocacy training, meetings with government officials, and volunteer activities. The ZOA’s campus department also collaborated with Birthright Israel and provides an advocacy track for Birthright Israel participants who are interested in learning about promoting Israel on campus.


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